Winter is the Best Time to Visit Chail

Winter is the Best Time to Visit Chail

Two hours drive away from the capital, Chail is a beautiful and peaceful hill station in Himachal Pradesh. It is a heaven for romantic, adventurous and religious place. Yes, it has plenty of visiting places to make you wonder about the diversity of India.

It is interesting to note that this hill town was a summer retreat of the Maharaja of Patiala. You can expect historical places as well. The most popular historical place is The Palace.  

Staying in best hotel in Chail for family, walking in the highest cricket ground, enjoying cloud-kissed hills, wildlife sanctuary, adventurous sports- these are all you can do in Chail.

It has the best of the tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh. If you are planning to make a trip to HP, then stay 3-4 nights here.   

Are you wondering what the best time to visit this place is? Please read this blog. We are going to tell you which season is perfect for this destination.



It is the best time to visit. People in India usually visit hill stations in summer. Break the scorching heat of the sun and enjoy pleasant weather in the lap of nature.


If you want to avoid crowds, you can come here to enjoy adventurous sports. Besides that, you can get good deals on hotel booking.


December to February is also a golden time to enjoy snowfall and snow-covered hills. You can enjoy a great balcony view in our resort. Please pack your bag with winter clothes and book a family suite room in Chail


In the monsoon season, you can witness average to heavy rainfall. We face a couple of landslides at this time, so it is a bit risky to come at this time.

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